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AntiRacism Conversations

Image by Lucas Andrade
2.5 hours - full day interactive workshops - tailored for your context

Help bring more calm and cooperation to your workplace, club or organisation. Good global citizenship starts here.

ARC 1: SEE IT: What racism is

Develop insight into untaught history and its implications today.

Explore subtleties and intersections; understand that AntiRacism is not about ‘blame’ and ‘innocence’. Appreciate that a focus merely on interpersonal behaviour is treating symptoms rather than addressing causes

ARC 2: OWN IT: How racism works

Grasp the daily impacts of power plus 
ignorance in a colony

Learn the 10 most common automatic and unknowing actions that spit in the eye of people we interact with every day. People we know and love, people we don't know but don't mean to insult... Become the kind of colleague or neighbour YOU would like to have.

ARC 3: DO IT: ARC toward equity

Transform policy, practice & culture to recruit and retain diverse talent and serve a new world

Commit to co-creating a workplace and society to be proud of

Watch a short film clip from our ARC video library used for facilitation. Here, psychologist Samantha Mordech discusses how being 'race-neutral' in the workplace is actually silencing and dismissing racism. 

​Contact us to discuss your needs in greater detail.

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