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Why AntiRacism?

In an ideal world, we would be working together - with a range of points of view - to improve the well-being of society and the planet we inhabit.


But racism is used as a convenient way to keep us divided and silence alternative views, to maintain existing power structures and ‘business as usual’. White dominance currently costs Australia $45 billion a year directly and the indirect costs - in missed opportunities and innovations - are immeasurable. Enough man-made extra suffering and wasted energy! 


The Australian Human Rights Commission has launched its refreshed national antiracism campaign, Racism: It stops with me. It’s time to act.  


Why ARC AntiRacism? 

Professor Yin Paradies, an Aboriginal/Asian/Anglo man, is Chair of Race Relations at Deakin University and the lead researcher behind Reflexive AntiRacism, a realistic approach that allows aspiring antiracists to accept the imperfections of our racialised thinking while engaging productively as allies. 


ARC founder Jane Lewis, who was Senior Adviser Education at the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission for seven years, has been working with Yin for over a decade, bringing reflexive anti racism to life in workplaces, educational institutions and sporting contexts, including for the Australian Human Rights Commission.

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